52 - Thirty Five

Hash House A Go Go, a San Diego favorite is popping up all over the place!  And with its famous twisted farmhouse menu, why not?!


HH and I ran into a Hash House in Las Vegas recently, here’s a look at what some of the folks in our party had.


Chicken Pot Pie (enough for 4!)

Fried Chicken Benedict



I had a Baby Burger (just one patty) with a salad, HH had a burger off of the stuffed burger menu and it was massive!  Less was definitely better in this case, yet it was all delicious!


52 - Thirty Four


HH does it again, this time oven baked short ribs.  Delicious man-food!
These were so delicious, I’m looking forward to the next round.

Hot out of the oven


52 - Thirty Three

HH has been tasked with Diner menu planning recently, so he went fishing and brought home dinner.


Trout and fried potatoes; the trout was pretty good, the potatoes were delicious.


52 - Thirty Two

One box of plastic wrap from Costco, originally purchased summer 2003; 18” x
3000’.  Originally purchased for a move, has lasted two moves (perfect for wrapping dressers and drawers) and 11 ½ years, Wow!!  It’s finally empty.

 Now the dilemma, do I purchase another?  I don’t think Costco even makes plastic wrap in this quantity any longer!