52 - Thirty

Chicken Charlie of San Diego County Fair fame, opened up a restaurant last Fall.  So some friends and I visited Chicken Charlie’s FryBQ last month to see what it was all about.

Chicken Charlie, his brother Tony and this brother-from-another-mother Gerald did not disappoint!

Over the top?  Yes.
Delicious?  Yes.
Just like Fair Food?  Yes!


We had hot dog sliders, bacon mac & cheese sandwich, FryBQ chicken salad and onion rings.


Gerald stopped by our table to see how things were, and treated us to ice cream nachos.

Everything was delicious!


52 - Twenty-Nine

Mmmm, Brussel Sprouts.  A new favorite vegetable at Holly’s Diner.
I made them the other day with bacon, sautéed onions, olive oil, salt & pepper and roasted everything in the oven for about 30 minutes at 350°.  They were so delicious and who knew HH liked Brussel Sprouts so much.
In case you didn’t know, here’s how I started.
And here’s how we ended up.


52 - Twenty-Eight

Chicken Fried Chicken, I love this and so does HH!

 Take a skinless, boneless chicken breast; pound the heck out of it; marinate in sour cream and salt/pepper for a few hours; heat oil in the bottom of a cast iron skillet; “dip” the chicken breast in a flour/salt/pepper mixture, both sides, two or three times for a good coating; place in skillet four (4) minutes on either side in the hot oil; remove from skillet and let drain briefly on a paper towel.

 Serve with mashed potatoes, pan gravy and a green vegetable of your choice.

 This is my way around fried chicken that HH’s Mom and Sister do so well…and I don’t.


52 - Twenty-seven

I just got back from a few days in Imperial County.  If you ever travel to Imperial

County (on purpose), this is the time of year since the weather can be 80 degrees in March.
One of the hidden gems of Imperial is the Special Quesadilla that all the Mexican restaurants serve.  This light, pillowing pouch of dough filled with cheese is amazing and I’ve never seen it at any other Mexican restaurant I’ve ever been to.
It is actually worth a stop in El Centro for this delicacy, so the next time you are traveling along the I-8 corridor, make time to pull over for about an hour or so and ask for a Special Quesadilla at Celia’s or any other sit-down Mexican restaurant you find.