52 - Five

THIS is my favorite time of year, the fall.  The weather starts to cool off (hopefully), I’m inspired to turn the oven back on, football season is under way (and there is still hope).  This is nesting season at the Diner.
It’s time for shorter days, cooler nights, Diner favorites, a big mess in the kitchen and HH happy that we are back to the oven on.  This time of year also means more time for family and friends, planning the holidays and trying all those recipes that have been stacking up on the counter from magazines, the newspaper’s food section and new cookbooks for the last few months.
Turn the oven on and let the cooking begin!


52 - Four

It is still a bit warm around the Diner so the oven is off limits, but the stove top is manageable.  Therefore, potato salad is the item of the day.

 So delicious – tender fingerling potatoes, creamy mayo and tangy sour cream, sea salt, fresh ground pepper and some green onions.  I’ve been making this homemade version for about five (5) years, it’s so delicious!


52 - Three

Chocolate Chip Cookies are one of HH’s favorite things.  I like the cookies a lot, who won’t when 50% more chips are added than the recipe calls for.  But my favorite thing about the baked cookies is the choice I make to add sea salt coarse crystals, so you taste a little bit of salty goodness with all that delicious sweetness.  But, honestly, the best part of homemade chocolate chip cookies – the dough.  What could be better than that brown sugar, buttery goodness!


52 - Two

Homegrown tomatoes are one of my favorite things.  The satisfaction of growing your own organic, heirloom food.  The excitement of the first tomato of the season appearing on the vine.  The anticipation of the first taste of the first tomato of the season, then the second tomato, third tomato and so on.

This season, the tomatoes production has been bit of a challenge, although I have certainly appreciated all the tomatoes the plants have produced.  As always, the tomatoes are wonderful in a salad, on a burger, as part of HH’s homemade tacos, even as the highlight of a simple tomato sandwich.


52 - One

Hi Diners!  It has been a while since my last post, but not my last meal.  Life got a bit in the way, I took up a new hobby, and honestly was having a challenge finding new things for the Diner.

But after a deep breath, a little time to rest, the need for a distraction and a new focus I’m ready to get back to Holly’s Diner.  The focus will be some of my favorite things, old and new, for 52 consecutive weeks.  Let’s get started…

Guac, short for guacamole, one of my favorites.  You have to have good chips with guac and just the right avocados.  Haas avocados are the best for guac, in my cookbook, and although I love the chips from El Indio they are not always convenient to get to.  So Albertsons know carries a close, good substitution as their chips are fresh, thick and very crunchy.

What should good guac have?  A couple of avocados, a dollop of sour cream, two tablespoons of fresh salsa and some onion to taste.  Season with sea salt, fresh ground pepper and some garlic powder.  Start with the avocados, smush with a fork to the desired texture, then add everything else.  You should always make just as much as you are going to eat at on setting, you don’t want left over guac as it can get funky.