Diner Features

Here’s what’s been cooking at the Diner recently:


Asian cold noodles (served hot) with chicken - a Holly’s Diner take on a Food Network Magazine feature.


Pizza – I’ve done pizza before at the Diner.  Homemade dough didn’t have enough elasticity.  Restaurant dough in a deep dish style was too chewy for HH.  This was store bought dough (who knew!) on a pizza stone and it was just right!  HH liked it!


Pigs (Squared) in a Blanket – This was a childhood favorite, although the idea was sparked by My DiAnne’s (that's her name at the Diner) menu planning for her grandniece, Sydney.  This is Pigs (Squared) due to the hot dog AND bacon, but Holly’s Diner style the dogs are turkey so things are not so bad for you.  HH added mustard, I had them plain since the dogs, bacon, and cheese were enough.  Yummy!!

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