Diner Update

Holly’s Diner has been undergoing some major updates in the past month.  This is how the long galley kitchen looked previously:


It was bright and white with original cabinets that had been painted a wonderful light green (I love these cabinets).  The natural light from the windows always helped to make things fresh and welcoming.  In the past few years, the white tile counter tops and backsplash have been, well, wearing out their welcome.  Although the tile stayed light and clean, the grout just could not be cleaned no matter what I tried.  And more recently I have noticed that the corners of some of the tiles are chipping.


I came to the conclusion a while back that the previous owner had probably done the tile job themselves, and it was probably a first-of-its-kind project for them.  I think the grout was the wrong kind of grout, or it had not been sealed properly, and the grout on the window side of the kitchen was different than the grout on the stove side of the kitchen.


HH and I had been talking about a facelift for the countertops, but choosing a material and color just seemed overwhelming.  Then, suddenly, this summer the project bug bit us!  After some research, asking friends and getting quotes we settled on this:




The first question I asked all the reps was “Can I use spray bleach on the surface to clean up raw chicken juice when preparing an…order?”  The solid surface materials suited my needs, and Corian won out.  Abalone counters with integrated Cameo White 50/50 double sinks was the winner!  I would have loved the farmhouse sink, but HH and I do dishes in the sink so we need two basins one each for washing and rinsing.  The color was light enough to keep the kitchen light and bright, yet a bit warmer than the white tile so it is a better compliment to the hardwood floors we put in a few years ago.


Next came the backsplash decision; this was a challenge.  I wanted white to keep the light, bright kitchen and I didn’t want something too contemporary as I was afraid it would be out of place in our 1949 kitchen.  After visiting a number of places, looking a design ideas online (that didn’t help!), getting someone else’s POV and finally buying on six (6) different color/pattern/size choices to compare, we settled on a glass and stone mosaic that compliments the kitchen very well (good job, HH and Anna, showing me “the light.”)


So the kitchen is transformed, the dishes are ALWAYS done (no stinkin’ dirty dishes on the counter these days), a few less things on the counters (no clutter, either), and Julia’s MTAOFC in its place to the left of the stove.


It’s so exciting, so beautiful, so wonderful to have new countertops, backsplash, hood over the oven (stainless replaced the white one), faucet and garage disposal!!


Stop by the Diner any time.

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