Chicken, Staying with the Tried and True

A few months ago I tried a few new chicken recipes trying to find “the one.”  There was one that was a baked “fried” chicken with the chicken breast coated in crushed up corn flakes to fool HH into thinking it was actual fried chicken.


It was okay, but not “the one.”  The mashed sweet potatoes and harvest salad were delicious, though.


Next was an Alton Brown recipe, Paprika Chicken.  I thought it was pretty good, but no HH’s favorite – also not “the one.”  But the potatoes were pretty good.


So, at the Diner, I’m still sticking with the tried and true Chicken Fried Chicken.  HH likes it even more now that I’m including boneless skinless chicken thighs along with the chicken breasts for me.

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