HH and I recently celebrated our 10th anniversary, very exciting!  We wanted to go to dinner somewhere local, some place new, some place that we had heard good things about and some place with air conditioning (it was a hot day.)

We found all of this in a local place with some national attention call The Trails Eatery.  The Trails had been featured on Restaurant:  Impossible on The Food Network, and we saw the owner this past summer on The Food Network’s Next Food Network Star.

The Trails is close, has air conditioning, serves breakfast and lunch daily, and dinner four nights a week.  The menu is a combination of comfort food with some healthy options also.

On our visit, HH and I opted for comfort food – he had fried chicken and waffles (with a side of PB for the waffles) and I had mac and cheese with chicken (I just got the chicken because I thought it too decadent to JUST have mac and cheese for dinner.)  The mac and cheese was delicious with a four cheese blend, herbs and panko breading.  HH was a bit skeptical about the concept of fried chicken and waffles but I told him it was very Southern.

I should have done without the chicken, but mind was still very good.  HH enjoyed his also.

Then dessert, it was our anniversary so dessert was a must!  We had the special which was a flourless chocolate torte with vanilla bean ice cream and caramel sauce AND the house special…Maple Bacon Cheesecake.  They were delicious.

But truth be told, it was too much richness I think.  By the time we got done I felt like there was too much bacon (in and on) the cheesecake, which I didn’t think was possible – too much bacon.

We’ll be back to The Trails Eatery I think for breakfast next time.

By the way, today marks the fifth anniversary of Holly’s Diner.  It’s very exciting that I have had enough to say about food for the Diner to be open for five years.  Thanks for being part of my journey.


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