The first BLT+A of the homegrown tomato season.  What else could be in store?  HH's homemade tacos, grilled burgers, garden salad heavy on the tomatoes, canning....


Julia's Bookshelf

This is my favorite bookshelf at the Diner, all Julia. 
Although the MTAOFC that HH gave me a few years ago is my pride and joy (far right), and it still sits on the counter top all the time, I just love looking at all of these together. (Sigh)


Chips & Guac

A quick afternoon snack of chips and guacamole.  Here’s how:

  • Have blue tortillas delivered from the Imperial Valley, cut into chip size and fry them up
  • Harvest fresh cherry tomatoes from the garden, volunteers from last year, quarter
  • Dice up a half slice of sweet red onion
  • Dice and lightly smash a ripe, creamy avocado
  • Combine tomato, onion and avocado with fresh ground pepper, sea salt and a touch of Gilroy Garlic powder
  • Dip blue chips into the guacamole and enjoy on a warm summer day!


Food & Friends

Remember about three years ago when HH helped to end The Quest by finding and hiding Mastering
the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child (and friends) at the Diner?  It took me a few days to notice it and find it one day on my shelf?  Well, he has done it again!  This time it was Food & Friends by Simone Beck (with introduction by Julia Child) waiting for me.  This time it took me about a week to notice and find.  (Notice, it is on the left side about four books down.)

HH, he is just the best!  I think he just does it for a cookie or two.