Twelve Days of Sauce - Eleventh Day

 Mama’s Smokin’ Sauce – there is no recipe for this one, at least that I can share; I can’t tell you the ingredients, I don’t know them; I can’t tell you where to get it, it arrives seasonally and remotely; it is still worth telling you about!


The first time I had Mama’s Smokin’ Sauce was at a salsa contest when it was modified to become…salsa – it one first place and $500.  I sampled some of the leftovers and was hooked.  Then I needed more.  My sauce supply started arriving seasonally, at the end of winter it would “find” me.  It was first delivered in a Crown Royale bottle, then a mason jar, and at one point in a small mason jar in a brown paper bag with a whisper, “Don’t tell anyone I gave you some, I don’t have enough for everyone this year but I know you and HH like it.”


Even though I don’t have the recipe I can tell you what I know – it is a little sweet with a kick, it is dark and rich and just on the verge of thick, it is great with chips but better on eggs, it will leave you wanting more!  I hear it is great as a marinate for beef or pork, but I don’t want to use enough to take care of that cooking expedition and take away from my eggs, so I have never tried it that way!


That’s about all I can tell you.  I keep trying to get Scott O to sell it, market it but he says it’s just a fun side project and is not ready to commit the time it would take.  Until he finds the time, you will just have to take my word for it.  It is awesome!

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