Alabama Again

Hello Diners! It’s so nice of you to stop by!! Before I tell you about the deliciousness of Alabama (my second visit in so many months), I want to apologize for the delay in posts – technical issues. Hopefully things are back on track, they have to be since the Twelve Days of… are just around the corner! Thanks for your patience at the counter.

Well, it’s back to Alabama, the second time in two months, this time for my annual visit with SS, Miss Audrey Rose and GeoJohn. We started off with a lovely evening at SS’s Café, fresh pasta with artichoke alfredo and barbecued chicken on our grandmother’s heart-warming Dots and Daisies china (or pottery in this case.) SS did a fantastic job, and I learned a new term “Part Two.” When SS has leftovers, she dubs them “Part Two” so a few nights later we had Pasta Part Two – delicious again. Maybe HH will buy-in to “Part Two” better than leftovers, stay tuned on that one.

The next day, SS and I had our big “girls” day, with breakfast at the French Café which included lattes and chocolate croissants. Then it was on to lunch which was supposed to be the Hot & Hot Fish Club but ended up being Chez Fonfon for shrimp salad and fancy grilled ham and cheese sandwich with fries – we shared, so delicious. Oh! And my favorite, a glass of iced tea with a side of simple syrup, a do-it-yourself Sweet Tea (I’ve been dreaming of this lately, it makes me so happy.)

Then it was on to Brick & Tin downtown for dinner. Miss Audrey had a deviled egg appetizer, and grilled cheese sandwich for dinner (right Miss Audrey?) I had butternut squash soup and a harvest salad, just perfect on a fall evening in the South.

Oh, sure there were stops between dining, book stores (including my favorite, the Alabama Booksmith) and specialty stores, gardens and walks, a visit to historic Gee’s Bend to see the quilt ladies and a drive through Selma, but no one cares about that at the Diner! Right?

The day after that it was Meat + 2 at Miss Kitty’s with Miss Audrey, her friend and SS. The plates look pretty monochromatic, but SS and Miss Audrey did have lima beans so there was some green floating around. That night SS and GeoJohn took me to Taco Mama’s, definitely risky since Mexican food in the South is different than Mexican food in San Diego – authenticity comes into question with one of those locations. SS and I shared a fish taco plate, and GeoJohn had fish nachos – yes, fish nachos! I was a bit skeptical, but GeoJohn ate the whole plate so they must have been good. The fish tacos, chips and salsa were very good, more like a California Fresh Mex than traditional Mexican food, but worth another visit on another trip for sure.

The last day of the visit included Nutella Crepes at SS’s Café (very warm and yummy) on a rainy morning, Pasta Part Two, and a visit to Steele City Pops. This visit to Steele City Pops I had the very decadent Maple Bacon Bourbon pop, not quite as creamy as I thought but very delicious (the bits of bacon were fabulous!). SS’s was a berry cream cheese pop that was very creamy, and Miss Audrey had something else delicious and wonderful.

We concluded the last day with the set-up of The Mixer. Since Art’s Mixer now sits at Holly’s Diner, my mixer needed a new home. SS had been with me when I originally purchased The Mixer and she was happy to add it to her Café. So The Mixer traveled about 1700 miles and now proudly rests at SS’s Café waiting for the a new opportunity.

Another year, another visit to the South, more delights experiences, more opportunities to dream about. Already, I can’t wait for next year!

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