Alabama Adventures - Extras

One thing I left out on our Alabama Adventure was one of our “finds” along the way.  As with every adventure, HH & I seek out thrift stores and yard sales even when we travel.  The challenge is always making sure we don’t “fall in love” with something that is too big to fit in our suitcases.


On this trip, HH discovered quite a find at a thrift store in Scottsboro – a baker man list maker.  I remember one of my grandparents or my Dad  had when I was growing up, although not quite so decorative.  This one is really cute and oh so handy at the Diner.



Another stop I missed in Parts 1- 4 was Tate’s BBQ.  Tate’s is in Scottsboro and we must have passed it about ten times during our trip on our way back and forth to town.  At first we thought it was closed just like the bar next door, it sure looked like it.  Then one day we noticed two police cars in the parking lot chatting with each other and wondered if it might be open for lunch, but it still didn’t look like there was much life.  Then we drove by and noticed someone getting an order from the window so we decided to take a chance and just share something.  I was sure we were going to regret this choice, but what the heck, we would regret it together.


As we pulled into the parking lot and up the slope, we could tell there was someone inside.  HH was the brave one, approaching the window and ordering a pulled pork sandwich.  As HH got our order he had to ask about the bag of water hanging over the window – why was it there?  He was told, to slow the flies down.  Okay.


We took our pulled pork sandwich back to the cabin and shared it on the dock.  It was delicious, no barbeque sauce (forgot to ask), and we enjoyed it.  One this day, taking a chance paid off.

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