Alabama Adventure - Part 4

HH & I spent the last afternoon/evening of our Alabama Adventure in Birmingham with SS, Miss Audrey Rose and GeoJohn.  First culinary stop:  Steele City Pops.


Apparently Steele City Pops was the hottest thing  since cupcake bakeries this past summer.  Steele City Pops is a specialty popsicle shop.  When SS mentioned it as our first stop, HH & I agreed but wondered how creative the popsicles could be.  We found out real quick.


The menu at Steele City Pops allows you to choose from fruity or creamy.  With lots of options we ended up with pink grapefruit/pink peppercorn, banana, raspberry/lemon and pumpkin - we all passed on the maple/bacon/bourbon.  SS said they should have egg nog and peppermint for the holidays – yummy!

We enjoyed the afternoon exploring Birmingham, visit the botanical garden, then we stopped in at Pat’s for hors d’ oeuvres.  Pat made some wonderfully tasty, yet deliciously simple snacks -  seasoned oyster crackers.  Here’s the recipe if you want to try them:


Pat’s Oyster Crackers

½ cup oil
½ tsp each of garlic powder, dill weed, lemon pepper
1 pkg Hidden Valley Ranch (dry mix dressing)
1 box oyster crackers

Mix together everything except the crackers.  Put the mixture into a zip lock bag and add the oyster crackers, shake well.  Lay wet crackers on a cookie sheet to dry for about 2-3 hours, serve.



After some visiting at Pat’s we were off to Dreamland, the barbeque we had been waiting for.  Dreamland was a comfortable, eclectic place that was full of locals – and there was even someone else with a Hawaiian shirt on!  HH was no longer the lone ranger!


 The first thing we were served was a plate of white bread and barbeque sauce.  I thought this was for us to make sandwiches; Miss Audrey helped understand that this was our appetizer kind of like chips and salsa.  Interesting.  Different.  The bread was fresh and tasty, the barbeque sauce was flavorful.  Next dinner was served, there were a lot of ribs ordered at our table, and some pulled pork sandwiches as well.  Everything was delicious.


It’s always good to have a tour guide when visiting a different city, especially when it come to food.  Thank you SS, Miss Audrey Rose and GeoJohn for everything.

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