NOLA Adventure - Day 4

Day 4 of our NOLA Adventure – the morning of the Big Game (and the excuse to visit NOLA.)


HH started the morning doing some research, so when it was time to venture out to the French Quarter for some breakfast he said we were walking about ten blocks and to have faith.  I was so curious and excitedly impatient, but he would not share as he wanted our breakfast spot to be a surprise.


We walked along and left what seemed to be the “tourist zone” and entered the “locals’ zone.”   We arrived at Café Envie, a cute corner coffee house with lattes and espresso and pastries and more.  I was so excited, but all I could see at first was the pasty counter and I knew that would not fly for breakfast for HH so I thanked him but said we needed to find another place so he could have bacon and eggs or something.  He said he had done his homework and this places served breakfast, sure enough, the chalkboard menu confirmed it.


We ordered, I got a delicious large latte, we found a table and enjoyed the atmosphere of this cybercafé with an historic feel.


Breakfast was served, with grits again for me and a breakfast sandwich, and what was billed at biscuits and gravy for HH.  But you can see that it was definitely a manly version of biscuits and gravy, more like a delicious serving of clogged arteries on a plate.


After breakfast we explored a few other places, visited Bourbon Street before noon (definitely better viewed after dark), took a few more photos and headed back to our well placed condo for a little rest before the Big Game – Chargers vs. Saints!!


For dinner we decided we wanted some of those awesome Acme chargrilled oysters again, although the best red beans and rice stop was right across the street at Felix’s.  Acme won out, we could get red beans and rice there too.  Off we went with our mouths watering in anticipation, and what luck!  It was a little before 5 PM and no line at Acme Oyster House!  We happily walked up to what should have been the front of the line to the hostess standing outside, ready to give her the old “party of two,” when our plans were foiled – private party, restaurant closed.  Well no wonder there was no line at 5 PM on a Sunday!  Silly us!


Across the street we went to Felix’s for some of their oysters and that famous red beans and rice.  As we walked in, in our full Charger regalia (in this Saints town!), the vibe changed; the smell of the chargrilled oysters wasn’t the same and we were directed to a table to the other side of the “U” shaped restaurant past a BIG table of Saints fans.


We ordered oysters, red beans and rice, and crawfish cakes.  Orders got mixed up, and although the waitress was pleasant and apologetic about it (couldn’t have had anything to do with the fact we were non-Saints fans, although we wanted to tell them we still like and support Brees and Sproles) dinner finally arrived.  The red beans and rice with sausage was good, the oysters were nothing like their cousins across the street, and the crawfish cake was fine.  We finished up and made our trek to the Superdome with all of the other powder blue that was in town and ready for a victory.


During the game we sent some photos to friends about half way through the third quarter, with our happy, smiling faces.  Good thing we sent the photo then, things went downhill.  Although we didn’t like the outcome of the game, we shook it off since we were starting Part Two of our adventure the next morning – Alabama, here we come!

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