NOLA Adventure - Day 3

The third day of our NOLA Adventure started off with breakfast at the corner, Mena’s.  This place was full the previous morning and looked like locals and tourists alike hung out, plus it was very convenient so we tried it.  Turns out, it was nothing to write home about, but I did get a healthy serving of grits with my eggs.  Oh, and HH had biscuits with gravy, not to mention the topping.


HH & I then made our way to Canal Street to find the St. Charles Streetcar.  After some help from a few locals, figuring out that the tracks were being worked on and we needed to take the bus for part of the route, we made it to the streetcar for a tour through the Garden District.  We went all the way to the end of the line, transferred streetcars and headed back to the end of the tracks.  We decided to walk around and visit a few places on our list before taking the bus back to the French Quarter.


First stop, a really nice store called Fresh Market, kind of Whole Foods-esque but what looked like a one-off gourmet store – definitely where I would shop if I lived in the area.  After touring the second floor, which was all the alcohol and making a pit stop, we got a bottle of water and went on our way.


Thank goodness for HH and his internal compass, he kept us going in the right direction and we ended up at a neighborhood cemetery just 30 minutes before it closed for the day (only open ‘til noon on Saturdays and closed Sundays.)  All the graves were above ground due to the water level in the area.  A few of the graves and head stones were being lovingly refurbished and refreshed.


Next we headed out to the cemetery the Commander’s Palace right across the street.  What perfect timing, perhaps we could pop in on a Saturday for lunch!

In so many of the guide books, Commander’s Palace is a must-stop.  A friend of my suggested going at lunch since it was the same food but better prices.  So we walked up the ramp, right after two couples in slacks, ties and dresses, and walked in to get a table.  HH said he knew right away we would not be staying, so he found a tour map of the area with historical points of interest.  I, however, naively proceeded up to the maitre d’ and said we were there for lunch.  He asked if we had a reservation (no) and apologized politely and (seemingly) sincerely, saying that their reservation book was full for the lunch seating.  Then he leaned forward and half whispered, “Besides, we don’t allow short pants.”  As he look in HH’s direction and I looked down at my Capri’s.  He kindly recommended Magazine Street which was just a few blocks away for lots of local fare.


So off we went totally unfazed, and found another point of interest on our list – a Diners Drive-Ins and Dives listing - Parasols!!  This was much more our style.  We ended up eating inside and shared a blackened catfish po’ boy and sweet potato fries, and I washed it all down with sweet tea.  It was delicious and just what we wanted.


HH then led the tour of homes in the Garden District, with background on points of interest – Mick Jagger’s house, Anne Rice’s house, the first house, etc.  We ran into some folks who pointed out Archie Manning’s house and said that was where the decision for Eli NOT to become a Charger took place, sending Phillip Rivers from Decatur, Alabama our way.


After walking all over the Garden District, we made our way back to our condo for a few minutes to rest before the BIG get together that night.  “All” the Charger fans were gathering at the Hard Rock Café for a pre-game day pep rally of sorts.  We got to see a wedding parade from the second floor of the Hard Rock, and visit with other Charger fans as we looked forward to the day.

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