Dirty Drops

Okay, here’s the new favorite cookie at the Diner.  You are not going to believe what is in them that makes them so good!  The basic dough is a lot like HH’s favorite chocolate chip cookie dough.  Then chocolate chips and pecans are added – nothing too out of the ordinary so far – then add chopped almond Rocha chunks and crushed kettle chips (the really good thick kind.) 


These cookies are delicious, totally decadent, uncsciously wonderful – all of which combine to make them dirty!


I made these along with Daddy’s cookies, remember?  They are the ones with oatmeal and coconut, also delicious and scrumptious.  You can find both recipes on the Holly’s Diner menu under “Just Dessert” and “Guest Chefs Just Dessert.”



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  1. OMG!!! Chocolate chips? Potato Chips? Almond Rocha chunks? What's not to LOVE? I can't wait to try these. I'm retrieving the recipe right now!