Alabama Adventure - Part 1

Our Alabama Adventure (and the second part of our vacation) started off with very uneventful food, not bad, just uneventful.


The really COOL thing that happened that first night, if you haven’t already heard, was that I got carded!  Now don’t be illusioned (or think that I am) that I look under 21 – I don’t.  But while at Wal-Mart in Scottsboro, AL the cashier asked me for my ID to purchase the six pack of Mike’s Hard Berry (this lasted a week and took three of us to polish them off).  Anyway, she asked for my ID, I commented that I remembered that cashiers had to do that for everyone in Alabama, she said,”No, just if someone looks under 40.”  Under 40!?  I look under 40?!  WOW!!  I was so excited, told her I wanted to give her a big hug; she looked a little sheepish about that one.  Then she said, after noticing that my driver’s license was from California said it must be all the organic food we eat “out there.”  Actually, I think it’s the Hot Dog on a Stick with a side of cheese stick and cherry lemonade during Fairtime that does the trick.


On to food…


Our first night at our cabin in the Deep South (as SS reminded me), HH catch three crappie that he cleaned for dinner to have a few nights later, and we settled in and just relaxed at the lake.

HH fishin', not a crappie but one of his other catch

In our first few day, as we drove around Scottsboro getting acquainted with the town and getting our bearings, we ran across Payne’s which is a cute old tyme previous drug store and still lunchette with an authentic soda counter!  So cool!  We agreed we would have to visit on another day for lunch and a malt.


After a day of adventure to Cathedral Caverns with Gizmo as our tour guide, we ended up at The Docks one evening which was at the Goosepond complex, where cabins are available for rent and folks can dock their boats.  We arrived a little before they opened (we hadn’t had lunch, so an early dinner was in order), perused the menu and decided to stay for the all you can eat catfish fry.  As we sat down to order, we told the hostess we were from San Diego (how could anyone not know that with HH and his signature Hawaiian shirt?)  She was not impressed, nor was she interested.  We settled on the all you can eat catfish and HH ordered an artichoke dip appetizer.


We sat overlooking the lake on a beautiful October evening – inside, by the way, to avoid the bugs that were starting to gather outside under the lights.  The sunset was beautiful, the artichoke dip was awesome and our server said it was all made from scratch – big chunks of artichokes in a buttery, cheesy sauce.  So good.   The catfish and fries were perfect, a great find in Alabama.


The next night after more adventuring around Scottsboro, we decided on the homemade crappie fish tacos back at the cabin.  They were not your traditional fish tacos (no cole slaw-type topping), just regular tacos with the works.  The challenge was finding the right type of taco shells in the “Latin” section of the market and finding some sauce to pour on them.  We ended up with small taco shells and a Taco Bell sauce (it was the best we could do at the market), but these ingredients did not deter us – the tacos were fabulous!  Especially since HH had catch the fish.

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