The Call of Garlic

It was the annual Call of the Garlic in July. That means visiting with friends, fabulous food and a new tasty experience or two.

This year’s trip led me right back to Taiwan Restaurant with Donna in Willow Glen for Honey Walnut Shrimp. Although this year a new tasty treat was added to the menu – Crab Rangoons. Donna had never had them before, so she was a bit skeptical, but after she saw the golden deep-fried pillow bursting with a crab/cream cheese combo she was hooked! The Honey Walnut Shrimp lived up to all my expectations, and the Crab Rangoons will definitely be added to the “must have” list for next year.

Next it was the Willow Glen Wood Fired Pizza for a wonderful salad and pizza to share. The best part was visiting with Donna while sitting outside on a perfect evening in Willow Glen.

Then it was on to Gilroy Garlic Festival. Although the GGF always has great food, the best part about staying in Gilroy was eating (more than once!) at the Bevi Bistro turned Bevi Bed & Breakfast! This is a very exclusive place with just one room open to out-of-town guests, but food to die for!

The first night was homemade ravioli with baked “gravy,” that red sauce that is cooked on the stove top, rests then baked in the oven to thicken it up and turn it just a little brown. Oh My Gosh!! It almost rivals Art’s Special Sauce, but we know how legendary and revered that is. Oh, and there was a fabulous salad, amazing crusty/soft bread and a wonderful eggplant dish with red onions and all kinds of other wonderful stuff. I know there was dessert, but I can’t even remember what it was after that amazing ravioli.

The next night was leftovers, just as delicious the second time around. Maybe better because it was family-style around the kitchen table. The next night was a cool, crisp and just right Chinese chicken salad from the local bowling alley (that’s right, the bowling alley) – the perfect dish after a day in the sun in Gilroy.

When I checked out on my last morning there, I was given an entire loaf of Portuguese Sweet Bread. It was home-made and special ordered from the legion of Portuguese bakers in Gilroy – toasted and buttered, scrump-dilly-iscious!

My last night was back at Donna’s, and at 8:30 PM she talked me into a BLT with the homegrown tomatoes I had brought her. I opted for a BTT, well actually at TBT – Tomato/Bacon/Tomato. What an amazing way to finish off my mid-summer tour of the self-proclaimed Garlic Capitol of the World.

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  1. I love Honey Walnut Shrimp, the best one I every had was back in NC of all places! Sounds like a great trip..one of these days I am getting to the Gilroy Garlic Festival..We just always forget about it until its over.