Napa Treats

After a week in Gilroy in the pursuit of garlic, then a little time back at the Diner indulging in Tomato Season, I had the opportunity to spend a week in Napa. You might think a visit to Napa would be all about the wine, especially with “crush” going onbut for me it was all about the food.

I wanted to visit the local places so with a little help I was steered toward a few places: the Browns Valley Family Stand burger available only in the Livestock area of the Napa Town & Country Fair, the shrimp quesadilla from Taqueria Maria, and cupcakes from Sift – the 2011 Food Network Cupcake Wars Winner.

My first stop was Taqueria Maria for a chorizo breakfast burrito, not exactly what was recommended but yummy nonetheless. This burrito was filled with chorizo, rice, sour cream, guacamole, cheese wrapped in a wonderful warm flour tortilla. I started to eat only half but didn’t want the rest to go to waste so I over indulged in the whole thing!

Next, Sift Cupcakes - so, so good. I had their famous Pink Champagne cupcake which was a moist raspberry cake with delicious champagne frosting, and the Battle Royale a super moist almond cake with blueberry tequila filling and acai berry cream cheese frosting. Both were delicious, the Battle Royale was amazing!

Then it was on to the Browns Valley Family Stand at the Napa Town & Country Fair for the famous cheeeese burger. This burger was nothin’ fancy, just juicy and delicious which was perfect for a beautiful Napa weekend.

Finally, it was back to Taqueria Maria for the recommended shrimp quesadilla. This was not your ordinary quesadilla, but a more flattened burrito-type quesadilla with cheese, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, salsa and shrimp on a grilled flour tortilla. The shrimp were large and plump, not over cooked with the just the right “bite” for a well cooked piece of shrimp.

Wow, what an introduction to Napa and not a drop of vino in sight! Maybe I’ll be able to visit again next year and add to the list of Napa Treats. I already put Dim Sum Trailer and Soscol CafĂ© on my list, who knows what other opportunities will arise by then.

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