Attack of the Ripe Tomatoes

What’s been happening at the Diner lately?  The attack of the ripe tomatoes!!  HH and I have been harvesting and eating and sharing as fast as we can.

I’m being greedy this year and trying to harvest before having to surrender too many to Mother Nature and her critters, so far only a few have gone by the whey-side.  And although all the specials on the Diner menu have been delicious – enchiladas covered in fresh salsa, tomato wedges and corn on the cob, BLTs, tomato salad with homemade buttermilk dressing – I can’t wait until the burger with a tomato slice as large as the bun is served!

Stay tuned for more tomato treats this summer, that is, after the Gilroy Garlic Festival which is just around the corner.

Look out…tomato fight!!  (No way!  I won’t waste those beautiful, sweet, delicious, juicy tomatoes!!)

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