Fair Food Favorites - Hot Dog on a Stick Lesson

In case you have never indulged, Hot Dog on a Stick Lesson Day is one of the highlights of the Fair for me and a way to get any newbies up to speed.

You want to start with an actual Hot Dog on a Stick from the Hot Dog on a Stick stand, not a generic corn dog. 

Patiently stand in line and order a Hot Dog on a Stick, a cheese stick and (in my case) a cherry lemonade. 

Patiently wait a bit more for the enthusiastic servers to freshly cook up your Hot Dog on a Stick treats. 

When your treats are served up in a boat, pump in the appropriate amount of ketchup and mustard for you (in the boat, not on the dog).  Then immediately pull the stick out of the cheese stick, setting the cheese stick (now minus the stick) to let it rest.

 Find a comfortable place to indulge and start dipping and enjoying your Hot Dog on a Stick. 

Once you are finished with that, you may begin enjoying your cheese stick (minus the stick) from the end with a hole up.  Now your cheese stick (minus the stick) has cooled enough to enjoy, but is still a luscious handheld grilled cheese sandwich with no mess!  If you were to eat the cheese stick with the stick and start at the top (like you do the dog), by the time you get half way through you run the risk of the hot cheese gooeing down the stick and onto your hands – very dangerous and very bad form!

Enjoy your lemonade along the way and savor the moment of deep fried, stickness!

This year's lesson was attended by My DiAnne, JS and Tre.  The four of us devoured the following:

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  1. Wow. Thanks for this invaluable lesson. Who would have thunk there is so much strategy involved in eating a cheese stick? Good Job!