2012 Fair Food Favorites

Let the tasting (or drooling or stomach ache, depending on your point of view) begin!

It’s time for the 2012 San Diego County Fair with two more days for tasting, 24 full days of Fair Food Favorites.  This year, it’s about the deep fry, the bacon and Space.  The items run the range of “I’ll try anything once” to “Man Food” to “new favorite.”  With a Fair theme of “Out of This World:  Universe Invited,” some of the new food selections have followed suit and are out of this world!

So get ready in the next three weeks for Deep Fried Tang and Flying Saucer Sopes, Manly Gourmet and Caveman Turkey Club, Sweet Potato Tater Tots and Cookie Dough on a Stick.  And, as always, the annual Hot Dog on a Stick lessons for the fourth year in a row.

Loosen up your belt and get ready to “blast off” for another installment of Fair Food Favorites 2012.

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