Fair Food Favorites - Tostilocos

I’ve seen these before, you may have too - someone walking around a fair or festival with a snack size bag of Tostitos (or Fritos) and digging in with a fork.  This is a Tijuana street food favorite that’s like a Frito pie in a bag - hands clean, portable.  I think they are in the category of a Lunchables - questionable redeeming nutritional value.  Oh, but we’re talking Fair food, so who cares!

Rose’s has this handy delight.


Fair Food Favorites - Red Velvet Funnel Cake

Funnel Cake is not my thing.  It sounds fun, looks good but is not for me.  But Red Velvet Funnel Cake…maybe  I think I will share this with the funnel cake queen, My DiAnne, so that way I’ll have a taste and she’ll enjoy the rest.  Oh no!  I just remembered she doesn't like red velvet cake!  But she's a sport, let's dig in!

Oh, and it’s topped with a cream cheese icing, mmmmm.

You’ll find this at Funnel Cake Express, where else?!


Fair Food Favorites - Sweet Potato Tater Tots

I’ve been waiting for these for months!  I love sweet potato fries, and went through a tater tot phase last fall (just ask HH).  So the combo is awesome!  I’ve even been looking for them in the supermarket thinking I can get a head start, but to no avail.

These Sweet Potato Tater Tots are what I have been looking forward to most this year, and since Reno’s Fish n Chips is serving them, they did not disappoint!


Fair Food Favorites - Deep Fried Green Beans

These are just like French fries, only better!  Served next to a burger, you can get the deep fried tastiness with some greens on your plate as well!  This one’s at Reno’s, a Fair favorite.


Fair Food Favorites - Beach Fries

The new Beach Fries can be found at Reno’s Fish n Chips, so that’s a good start right there.  These tasty fries are drizzled with yogurt/fish taco sauce and topped with fresh salsa.  Deep fried freshness, mmmm!


Fair Food Favorites - Porky Poppers

Bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos, now that sounds delicious!  If they were just deep fried as well, with a side of ranch they would be perfect!

Tasting Alert:  Mad Dogg sampled them Porky Poppers on the Diners’ behalf, she said they are a fresh jalapeno with bacon over it and stuff with jalapeno cream cheese.  Mad Dogg said the bacon was mushy, the peppers were “evil” and the entire thing was NOT delicious – so hot she needed two glasses of milk to cool off.  And she was so looking forward to this one!  Thanks, Mad Dogg, for taking one for the team.


Fair Food Favorites - Half Pound Meat on Meat Dog

Oh my.  I’m not sure I need to say anything about this one.

But just in case you need details - a quarter pound all beef hot dog wrapped in a quarter pound of bacon.  Let the gluttony begin!


Fair Food Favorites - Manly Gourmet

Okay, so Bacon-A-Fair’s feature today is Manly Gourmet.  This one consists of two strips of bacon wrapped around a sausage stuffed with mushrooms, artichokes and smoked mozzarella cheese.  Hmm, this one would be good sliced up in little bits for an appetizer tray – there’s an idea!


Fair Food Favorites - Caveman Turkey Club

More Bacon-A-Fair featured, today’s offering:  Caveman Turkey Club.

So this one is one pound of bacon wrapped around an extra large turkey leg.  This isn’t a Fair nibble, it’s dinner for a family of…four, maybe six!

I’m keeping HH away from this one!


Fair Food Favorites - Hot Dog on a Stick Lesson

In case you have never indulged, Hot Dog on a Stick Lesson Day is one of the highlights of the Fair for me and a way to get any newbies up to speed.

You want to start with an actual Hot Dog on a Stick from the Hot Dog on a Stick stand, not a generic corn dog. 

Patiently stand in line and order a Hot Dog on a Stick, a cheese stick and (in my case) a cherry lemonade. 

Patiently wait a bit more for the enthusiastic servers to freshly cook up your Hot Dog on a Stick treats. 

When your treats are served up in a boat, pump in the appropriate amount of ketchup and mustard for you (in the boat, not on the dog).  Then immediately pull the stick out of the cheese stick, setting the cheese stick (now minus the stick) to let it rest.

 Find a comfortable place to indulge and start dipping and enjoying your Hot Dog on a Stick. 

Once you are finished with that, you may begin enjoying your cheese stick (minus the stick) from the end with a hole up.  Now your cheese stick (minus the stick) has cooled enough to enjoy, but is still a luscious handheld grilled cheese sandwich with no mess!  If you were to eat the cheese stick with the stick and start at the top (like you do the dog), by the time you get half way through you run the risk of the hot cheese gooeing down the stick and onto your hands – very dangerous and very bad form!

Enjoy your lemonade along the way and savor the moment of deep fried, stickness!

This year's lesson was attended by My DiAnne, JS and Tre.  The four of us devoured the following:


Fair Food Favorites - Meat Lovers Hot Dog on a Stick

As bad as this may be for my insides, this actually sounds kind of good, at the same time it sounds like a “heart attack on a stick” - I guess that’s not as appealing of a name as “meat lovers hot dog.”

Just to clarify, this is a deep fried beer battered bacon wrapped hot dog.  Wow, that’s a mouthful!

This tempting delight can be found at the vendor who will be featured this week at the Diner, Bacon-A-Fair.


Fair Food Favorites - Fried Spam

Deep Fried Spam?  No, just no!  Not interested, not appealing, I’m just too much of a Haole and not enough of Da Kin to like this one.

But if you’ve got to eat Spam, crusted and deep fried might be the only way to go.


Fair Food Favorites - Deep Fried Cereal

I have to investigate this one a little more…what type of cereal exactly?  Granola clusters or shredded wheat?  Not too excited about that.  Frosted Flakes or Honeycombs?  Well maybe.

Ohh!  Its Captain Crunch stuck to a marshmallow/fluff-kind-of-stuff.  So take some marshmallows, put them on a stick (of course), get them sticky, roll them in Captain Crunch, dip in batter and place in the deep fryer.  That’s how you deep fry cereal!

Just some of the craziness Chicken Charlie conjures up in the off-season.


Fair Food Favorites - Deep Fried PB&J

Well, this looks to me like one of those new “convenience” sandwiches, you know the PB&J that are little round saucers with no crust.  Anyway, dip them in batter, fry them up and viola! Deep Fried PB&J!  Look for this at Chicken Charlie’s at the west end of the AgriFair.


Fair Food Favorites - Deep Fried Tang

Did you know that Tang was NOT invented for space travel, contrary to pop culture belief.  It was actually developed during the height of NASA’s space program, but for the general public – no astronauts were harmed in the testing of this product.

Do you know how they deep fry Tang?  Mix the Tang into the batter, then put it in the deep fryer – it’s a little like a funnel cake but Tangy (get it, Tang-y?!)


Fair Food Favorites - Pie Fries

Pie Fries - deep fried pie crust cut in strips and served with a strawberry preserve dipping sauce on the side.  Mmm, strawberry pie to go, what a concept!  I vote for peach or blueberry next year!


Fair Food Favorites - Chicken Fried Steak on a Stick

Chicken Fried Steak on a Stick, this one is served with mashed potatoes and country style sausage gravy.   This is on a stick, so it’s definitely Fair Food but the heavy Chicken Fried Steak is not my thing, a special taste tester is in order for this one – she loves Chicken Fried Steak!


Fair Food Favorites - Flying Saucer Sopes

Another Out of This World treat – a deep fried tortilla cake, topped with homemade chili, cheese, sour cream and green onions.  This one reminds me of an Indian Fry Bread Taco which is so delicious!


Fair Food Favorites - Deep Fried Chili Asteroid

This asteroid is edible – what a trip!  Deep Fried Chili Asteroid is said to be award winning homemade chili and cheese, deep fried in a hush puppy batter that ends up being a tasty treat. 

Even though there are lots of yummy ingredients, let’s hope it doesn’t sit like an asteroid in my stomach!


2012 Fair Food Favorites

Let the tasting (or drooling or stomach ache, depending on your point of view) begin!

It’s time for the 2012 San Diego County Fair with two more days for tasting, 24 full days of Fair Food Favorites.  This year, it’s about the deep fry, the bacon and Space.  The items run the range of “I’ll try anything once” to “Man Food” to “new favorite.”  With a Fair theme of “Out of This World:  Universe Invited,” some of the new food selections have followed suit and are out of this world!

So get ready in the next three weeks for Deep Fried Tang and Flying Saucer Sopes, Manly Gourmet and Caveman Turkey Club, Sweet Potato Tater Tots and Cookie Dough on a Stick.  And, as always, the annual Hot Dog on a Stick lessons for the fourth year in a row.

Loosen up your belt and get ready to “blast off” for another installment of Fair Food Favorites 2012.