Moon Pie

RC Cola and a Moon Pie, right?

I didn’t grow up with Moon Pies, although I remember hearing about them from, what was it, the 1950s or 60s? Anyway, I came in possession of a vanilla covered and a chocolate covered Moon Pie recently. And as I commented to those around me, “Too bad I don’t have an RC Cola,” the youngins’ asked what that meant. What do you mean, what does that mean?! You know, an RC Cola and a Moon Pie! Everyone knows that.

Now come on, I know I’m not that old! So I asked a few other folks, Mel and Will knew what I was talking about (they have more gray hair than I do so I will assume they are a little older and that’s how they knew.) Then I mentioned to HH that I kept forgetting to look for an RC Cola at the store, he asked why, I said for the Moon Pie. HH asked what that meant. An RC Cola and a Moon Pie, that’s what it means!!

Oh my, I’m feeling very…nostalgic for a fad I didn’t even participate in. Please tell me there’s someone at the counter of Holly’s Diner that has heard of an RC Cola and a Moon Pie.


  1. I right there with you Holly..totally remember Moon Pies and RC Cola and I think I am a little younger than HH :) My HH and I are 2 weeks away from a trip to Sacramento and a visit to Triple D's Squeeze Inn for the famous Squeeze Burger..Have you guys been there yet?

  2. Glad to know I'm not the only one on Moon Pies!
    Have fun at Squeeze Inn. HH & I went in 2009 (see August 2009 post Diner Drivin Part 2), when we visited the original "shack." I know they now have a new location, but don't know if they kept the original one. Along with the burgers, definitely try the tacos - what a mess but so delicious!