Pop Pulled Pork - Part Two

That delicious Pop Pulled Pork recipe that I made a month or so ago in the oven, I wanted to try in the crock pot. The recipe calls for at least six hours of cook time, so I did six and a half hours in the crock pot and it looked like this.

It wasn’t browned, it wasn’t pulling apart, it just wasn’t right. So I heated up the oven to 350˚, cooked it for another hour and a half and it looked like this.

Okay, that’s what I’m talking about!

Here’s what HH had for dinner at the Diner.

Here’s what I had for dinner at the Diner.

Literally, that’s what we had for dinner. I was so catch up in getting the pulled pork right on a rainy, wintery March day that I forgot about anything else! Luckily there was some apple sauce and some good crusty bread to balance out the meal- at least a little.

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