Catching Up and Scott's Sauce

Before I tell you about Scott’s Sauce, let me say that March has been a very busy month. Very busy.

I was off in Imperial County thinking I was going to have delicious Mexican food for about five days in a row. In anticipation of that I made sure the week before I was eating well with “The Queen’s Eggs” as it is called at the temporary Diner. The Queen’s Eggs consisted of scrambled eggs with sautéed fresh spinach, thinly sliced ham and sharp cheddar cheese added in. Then when the eggs are plated, some fresh ground pepper, fresh (although not homemade) mild salsa and half a sliced avocado are placed on top. Lunch consisted of a turkey and provolone sandwich with fresh spinach, not-quite-in-season tomatoes and the other half of that avocado.

So with all the good, healthy eating underway, the Mexican food fest was to begin! But due to weather and stuff and stuff and more stuff, alas, only two days of delicious Mexican food occurred, both at the same place. There was no Mexican food tour as was highly anticipated, and only one special quesadilla was gobbled up.

Anyway, back to Scott’s Sauce – while in Imperial, I run into Scott, the creator of Mama’s Smokin’ Sauce. This year he snuck me a small jar from his stash since he had not stocked up before his below sea level trip south, and he gave me something new –Grandpa’s Honey Spice BBQ & Dippin’ Sauce.

I know how wonderful Mama’s Smokin’ Sauce is, although I need to get some really good chips to indulge – perhaps a trip to El Indio is in order. Then there’s Grandpa’s Honey Spice BBQ & Dippin’ Sauce, the new sauce on the block. This one’s a little sweet, a little mustardy, and a little tangy. Pretzels dipped in this would be wonderful. Or perhaps some chicken “fingers” marinated in the sauce with some sweet potato tots, mmm I can’t wait! Get ready HH!

Thank you Scott, you should be selling this stuff! Maybe you just need the right outlet, like a Sauce Festival or something. Oh, what a coincidence! Holly’s Diner is looking into developing a Sauce Festival; we’ll have to send you an invitation. But for now, it’s still on the back burner…

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