Super Bowl Bowl

As I said two weeks ago, this game was not about “the game” for me – who cares about a repeat of four years ago. I was about the commercials, here's a few I liked:

M&M’s – Miss Brown
Doritos – Dead Cat Bribe
VW – Dog/Darth Vader
Imported by Detroit – Clint Eastwood

And it was about some good stuff was in a bowl, therefore yesterday was Super Bowl bowl day at the Diner.  HH & I feasted on such yummy goodness as guacamole (in a bowl) with El Indio chips (in a bowl), spicy buffalo chili (in a bowl) with sour cream and crumbled crackers, homemade chocolate chip cookies (stored in a bowl), and red velvet cupcakes (does the paper “cup” count as a bowl? Maybe not, but it’s my Diner so let’s just pretend.) And some fried chicken and fruit salad for HH (fruit salad, he's so good!)

It was all yummy, and certainly enough of a football fix for the next seven months or so. Let’s see, the next event with junk food opportunities, the Academy Awards at the end of the month. Can’t wait!

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