The wait is over!

It is Girl Scout cookie time and I like getting my cookies the old-fashioned way, by having a Girl Scout arrive on the door step to tell me all about this year’s cookie selection. But that doesn’t happen anymore at the Diner. Cookies are no longer sold door to door on month, and then delivered the next. I understand the challenge with that strategy; I used to be a Girl Scout and DID that!

Nowadays, Girl Scouts are at every market entrance, every mall, plus parents take cookies to work for co-workers to purchase on behalf of their Scouts. I have even noticed at the market that the Troops are on a specific, timed schedule. The other day as I went into the market there was one set of Girl Scouts, and on the way out that group was packing up and another Troop was setting up!

Since I don’t have Girl Scouts showing up at the Diner the old-fashioned way, I get the next best thing – ordering cookies from Miss Audrey over the phone, with sales pitch in tack, and a month later (after great anticipation) 11 boxes of cookies show up in the mail for HH and I to devour. That’s right, ELEVEN BOXES!

These special cookies are shipped from Alabama, they cost $0.50 less a box (SS and I work out the shipping) and viola, Girl Scout cookies! I do let the Girl Scouts I pass as the market and in the mall know that I have done my due diligence and bought 11 boxes. The girls are not impressed, since I didn’t contribute to their sales, but the moms do and are thankful that the Girl Scouts are being supported.

So, it’s time for me to close down the Diner, spread out the boxes of cookies and decide which one to open up first – they are worth the wait.

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