One Day to Turkey

There’s one day left, and not as much cooking as I thought today but still stuff to do. There was one last trip to the market (even though I said I was done) – not as many craisins on hand as I thought, so I needed more; some sliced up “gourmet” bread strips (since there is not quite enough left over corn bread for stuffing); and a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for HH – very un-Thanksgiving if you ask me, but he is not a big fan of apple pie so I want him to be happy.

Ironed the linens and set the table, made the Thanksgiving arrangement (which is more than I do some years), laid everything out for the brining of the turkey tonight, making the sweet potato dish, assembling everything for the stuffing, and maybe I’ll attack the deviled eggs. See, not much at all!

Ahh, but it’s all worth it for the biggest and best eating day of the year – and the cooking is still my favorite part!

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