Man Food

After a week of trying to get HH healthy, it was a week of homemade soup - Ancho Chili Corn Chowder with fresh/frozen corn from the summer, Albondigas, Potato & Leek soup with ham and cheddar cheese.

(The Corn Chowder and Potato & Leek Soup are camera shy, plus they taste much better than they photograph!)

To help him feel a little better, it was Grandma Baker’s Mayonnaise Cake on Saturday - here's the mini version.

And finally it had to be Man Food on football Sunday. Good thing it was comfort food, too, after a Charger loss.

Thankfully the Diner is back up and running!

PS - HH is feeling better, too!


  1. What's wrong with HH (Holly's Hubmuffin)? Are the Chargers making him sick again?

  2. I think it was the Jets game that started the sickness. Hey! Weren't you at the Diner for that one? Maybe it's your fault!

  3. I was indeed at the Diner. That was the day of the chili preperation as well as a hard to swallow (get it? Hard to swallow....Diner....food) Bolt lose. But to blame me for any of the fore mentioned health setbacks, would be..well lets just say, unfounded.