A Homemade Life

I just had to share…
I ran across this book while in Alabama at the Alabama Booksmith – better late to the party than not at all.

I found this book in the soft back edition, since it originally came out in 2009, and I recognized the author Molly Wizenberg who also writes orangette.blogspot.com.

I originally ran across Molly’s Orangette blog when I was trying to figure out how/what Holly’s Diner was going to be in its pre-Holly’s Diner phase. I thought Orangette was clean, elegant, warm, welcoming and probably above my ability – but I loved it. If you look at Orangette, you will see that Holly’s Diner looks nothing like it but the idea of stories and memories and food and having something to say are very similar.

As I started reading A Homemade Life I found that I connected with Molly in the introduction when she said “I wanted a space to write about food.” I was hooked. I also started to do two things that I NEVER do with a book – underline in pen and turn back the corners. I must have 15 pages turned back and have sentences and paragraphs underlined all over the place.

As I continued Molly’s journey of stories and recipes that made a different in her life, I found myself laughing out loud, seeing a better way to talk about recipes that are not mine but important and properly acknowledge the creator, and reaffirming that my voice at Holly’s Diner as I “talk” to SS is definitely the way to go.

Then I got to the middle of the book, and over a few chapters I found myself putting the book down so I could recompose myself (on an airplane) as the stories of her Dad struck such a cord and brought back so many memories that I was crying enough that I couldn’t see the words on the page!

I really need to write a letter to Molly and thank her. I should let her know how her blog and book impacted me. In the meantime, I encourage you to pick it up, read a little and hopefully enjoy. You may not connect with A Homemade Life like I did, but it’s worth a few heart-felt stories and delicious recipes.

Oh! And SS and I are using A Homemade Life for our current book club; I wonder what recipe we will pick to share on Skype?

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