Drum Roll Please.....

Well, finally the results! (Sorry for the delay, a little travel immediately following the big chili cook-off.)

After entering the DMF Chili Cook-off for the first time, after being so indecisive that I entered the Mole Mole Chili and the Spicy Buffalo Chili (more excited than indecisive), after the judges judged and the “people” sample, it was apparently a tie! Being that this was at the fairgrounds and American system of judging applied (meaning a definitive winner had to emerge), it was a second place (and $50!) for the Spicy Buffalo Chili!! Woo Hoo!!

It was very exciting, a few people asked for the recipe and of course I referred them to the Diner – the more the merrier! Try it yourself and let me know what you think – it is delicious.


  1. I'm finally reading about the cook-off. CONGRATS from Gilroy! I can't wait to tell Mr. Bozzo. Gee, what are you going to do with all that prize $$$$?

    Ok, now on to Birmingham, former home of my friend Nancy's Mom, Mizz Sarah Virginia Reynolds AND her BF Vonceal and HH Charlie.

    Go BAMA!

  2. I spent the money in Alabama on food and food-themed books, go figure.

    At SS' house it's Go War Eagles! Go BAMA is considered profanity!