Chili Cook-off Prep

So the big Chili Cook-off at the DMF is tomorrow. Now I have organized and/or judged a number of Chili Cook-off competitions, but I have never entered. And being that I have been exposed to so many delicious chili recipes, it was hard to narrow down the field not counting the modified recipes that I have. Therefore, I have settled on two chili recipes and neither have beef.

There is the Mole Mole Chili that you have seen before at the Diner, and the Spicy Buffalo Chili that I experienced at the first BFF Chili Cook-off.

Both recipes are in the recipe listings to the left hand side. I’ll let you know what happens.

Stay tuned…


  1. Knock 'em dead, Holly! Ok, so maybe that isn't something you really want to strive for. How about Good Luck?!

  2. From the smells I experianced coming from the kitchen on Sunday, your chili will be a winner!!!!
    PS..as HH (Haunted Husband) can atest, I've never been one to "get with the program".