Cappellini al Forno

So I saw cute little Giada De Laurentiis fixing this on TV during the summer and wanted to try it. But it is pasta and that just didn’t seem like a summer dish to me, it meant turning on the oven and I avoid that during the summer. So with Bowl Season in full swing, I thought the time was ripe for Cappellini al Forno.

As I was fixing Cappellini al Forno, it struck me how much it was like the Spaghetti alla Carbonara I made not too long ago. Hmmm, I’m either getting old and forgetting what I’m making, or I’m starting to have themed weeks – I’m going with the themed weeks theory. Calzone and homemade hot pockets, chili and chili, Spaghetti alla Carbonara and Cappellini al Forno – you get the picture.

This dish reminds me of that wonderful looking Timpano from The Big Night, one of my favorite movies. Anyway, as I was reading Giada’s recipe I realized there may not be enough guests at the Diner that evening to validate a full order, so a half size Cappellini al Forno it was.

Although I basically had all the ingredients, like many recipes at the Diner, it had to fit the kitchen. For Cappellini al Forno that meant the 9” non-stick springform pan became a smaller greased up casserole pan, the cappellini was angel hair (technically the same thing), the prosciutto became thinly sliced deli ham, and the smoked mozzarella was low-fat mozzarella.

I cooked everything up, sliced and grated, stacked and pushed, even with a half recipe I should have used a bigger dish. Oh well, it worked out.

When HH arrived at the Diner, I told him we were trying something new and with his best smile and enthusiastic voice he said “Another new recipe?” I told him it was similar to his favorite baked spaghetti, although with a few additional embellishments and sauce on the side if he didn’t want it.

In the end, HH said he liked it, how about that! Not to worry, HH, its back to meat and potatoes on tonight’s Blue Plate Special.



  1. Testing!!!! Testing!!!!! Trying out this "post comment" thing for the first time. Hope you get it. Question. You have all these absolutely wonderfull sounding and looking (from the photos) recipies, but the one that is doing the tasting, HH (Hairy Husband), seems to like everything. Has he ever said, "honey don't take this wrong, but this is just plan nasty"?

  2. First of all, HH stands for HANDSOME Husband (get with the program, Ron), and yes he has told me he doesn't like something. He was polite at the time, but told me after the first meal I ever cooked for him that he didn't like it. I've never cooked that recipe again, and he married me anyway!