Diner Drivin - Part 13

Point Loma Seafood.  This is one of my favorite places in all of San Diego.

Some of it is the incredibly fresh fish, some of it is the casual atmosphere, some of it is the fact that it means taking our culinary treasures just a few minutes down the road to feast at Shelter Island.

So I had heard that Point Loma Seafood was closed (hard to believe).  I found out that it had closed for a few days in May so they could temporarily transfer the place to a building just behind the previous building.  This is allowed them to tear-down the original building and new construction has begun.  Apparently the new two-story place will be up and running in January – can’t wait!!

Anyway, on this fine San Diego vacation evening, HH and I got a bunch of sushi and a cod sandwich to share.

Although it looked like a lot of food, we had no problem polishing it all off. 

Then HH did some fishing and I did some walking and swinging (the kids had evacuated the play area, so I took the opportunity!)

The perfect San Diego evening at the bay.

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