Diner Drivin - Part 10, 11 and 12

Well, our San Diego vacation continued to be quite the food fest!

HH and I finally visited Hodad’s in Ocean Beach. HH got the Guido Burger with pastrami, grilled onions, Swiss cheese and more.

I opted for the single cheeseburger. HH always gives me a hard time about the height of my build-a-burger at the Diner; this one far exceeded my burger! So much so that I had to remove two of the three tomato slices and one of the two onion slices just to get it in my mouth!

We arrived at 11:20 AM, and it was a good thing as the place was packed with locals and out-of-towners (you could tell) by 11:45 AM.

The burgers were good, the fries were big, the problem – we both had unsettled tummies a few hours later. I guess we will stick to build-a-burger Holly’s Diner-style.

Next we went to the Ramona Café. I honestly didn’t think we would make it on our San Diego vacation; it is just a little out of our way. But we went to Safari Park that morning do a drive to Ramona wasn’t too bad.

HH ordered the turkey sandwich dinner. HH, are you sure that’s just a lunch portion?! Wow! He said it was delicious.

I had the veggie sandwich, sans mushrooms, with coleslaw. It was delicious! Although there was so much I had to save half for dinner later. The bread had a grilled parmesan coating, so yummy.

We decided to take the famous cinnamon roll home for the next morning; after heating it up it lived up to the hype.

They did have a table card about a recipe contest; the problem was it was so new there was no info yet. No flyer, no details, no nothing. So I left my Holly’s Diner card to have them send me some info, we’ll see what happens.

Finally, on our Diners Drive-Ins and Dives excursion, we visited Pizzeria Luigi – their new location on El Cajon Blvd.

HH and I got an assortment of slices to take with us to the San Diego Harbor. We enjoyed our Mona Lisa (pep, saus, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions and black olives), The Capone (pep, saus, meatball), Margherita (tomatoes, garlic, no tomato sauce) and traditional pepperoni. They were all delicious, and we had a few folks stop and ask where the pizza was from.

Next dining stop, our picks for vacation (or otherwise) in San Diego – stay tuned…

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