San Diego Vacation

HH and I indulged in so many delicious San Diego treats, it was almost hard to keep track of them all! Although I’ve highlighted some of them in recent posts, I thought I would share a list of all of our stops in San Diego just in case you might like to try one (or two or three) out on your next visit.

Here it goes:

Hob Nob Hill
C Level
Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill
Grove Pastry Shop
Valley Farm Market
Point Loma Seafood
The Godfather’s
Ramona Café
Pizzeria Luigi
Mr. Fish and Chips

And now it’s time for lean meats and lots of greens at Holly’s Diner for awhile!



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Diner Drivin - Part 14 and 15

On our San Diego vacation, HH had a few old haunts he wanted to share – The Godfather’s Restaurant, and Mr. Fish and Chips. He has been telling me about these two places for at least eight years.

So he picked The Godfather’s Restaurant for our anniversary this year. We don’t normally go to Italian places since Italian food (mainly red sauce) is not HH’s favorite. (Boy, he must really love me since one of my favorite things is making Art’s Special Sauce and using it for lasagna, pasta, pizza, etc.)

Anyway, he told me where it was and that is was kind of deceiving – well that was the truth! This place is stuck back in the corner of a strip mall off of busy Clairemont Mesa Blvd. After we parked and started walking toward the front, the fountain helped some, but one would normally still be skeptical – I wasn’t, I was with HH.

Anyway, the door opened and it was another place. The host met us and seated us right away. Then there was a procession on mature, male servers all in black suits, white shirts and ties.

We were in our own gazebo-type booth with a photo of The Godfather on the wall.

They started us off with fried zucchini spears.

HH ordered what he had been sooo waiting for – a sautéed chicken liver in white wine and onions, as that dish is NOT served at Holly’s Diner.

I had the ravioli in red sauce.

Oh my gosh, everything was so delicious. And when they finally figured out that the big obnoxious candle at our table was our anniversary candle (from our wedding), they sent us home with a piece of raspberry cake – oh so good.

HH’s other stop was a few days later, but also in Clairemont. It was Mister Fish and Chips. As we drove up, he started to panic; it wasn’t where it was supposed to be! But I saw it right way – the grocery store had taken the space there the original restaurant was so they just moved over a few doors.

I ordered a piece of fish and onion rings, HH ordered two pieces of fish and zucchini.

Although the baskets didn’t look that diverse in color, texture or variety they were absolutely delicious. After our fish and chips “tour” last year in Seattle, and trying fish and chips all around town when we can, this stuff is definitely worth returning for.

The tempura batter was so light and crispy. Not oily or greasy, just deep-fried deliciousness. We will definitely have to stop again – after vacation.


Diner Drivin - Part 13

Point Loma Seafood.  This is one of my favorite places in all of San Diego.

Some of it is the incredibly fresh fish, some of it is the casual atmosphere, some of it is the fact that it means taking our culinary treasures just a few minutes down the road to feast at Shelter Island.

So I had heard that Point Loma Seafood was closed (hard to believe).  I found out that it had closed for a few days in May so they could temporarily transfer the place to a building just behind the previous building.  This is allowed them to tear-down the original building and new construction has begun.  Apparently the new two-story place will be up and running in January – can’t wait!!

Anyway, on this fine San Diego vacation evening, HH and I got a bunch of sushi and a cod sandwich to share.

Although it looked like a lot of food, we had no problem polishing it all off. 

Then HH did some fishing and I did some walking and swinging (the kids had evacuated the play area, so I took the opportunity!)

The perfect San Diego evening at the bay.


Diner Drivin - Part 10, 11 and 12

Well, our San Diego vacation continued to be quite the food fest!

HH and I finally visited Hodad’s in Ocean Beach. HH got the Guido Burger with pastrami, grilled onions, Swiss cheese and more.

I opted for the single cheeseburger. HH always gives me a hard time about the height of my build-a-burger at the Diner; this one far exceeded my burger! So much so that I had to remove two of the three tomato slices and one of the two onion slices just to get it in my mouth!

We arrived at 11:20 AM, and it was a good thing as the place was packed with locals and out-of-towners (you could tell) by 11:45 AM.

The burgers were good, the fries were big, the problem – we both had unsettled tummies a few hours later. I guess we will stick to build-a-burger Holly’s Diner-style.

Next we went to the Ramona Café. I honestly didn’t think we would make it on our San Diego vacation; it is just a little out of our way. But we went to Safari Park that morning do a drive to Ramona wasn’t too bad.

HH ordered the turkey sandwich dinner. HH, are you sure that’s just a lunch portion?! Wow! He said it was delicious.

I had the veggie sandwich, sans mushrooms, with coleslaw. It was delicious! Although there was so much I had to save half for dinner later. The bread had a grilled parmesan coating, so yummy.

We decided to take the famous cinnamon roll home for the next morning; after heating it up it lived up to the hype.

They did have a table card about a recipe contest; the problem was it was so new there was no info yet. No flyer, no details, no nothing. So I left my Holly’s Diner card to have them send me some info, we’ll see what happens.

Finally, on our Diners Drive-Ins and Dives excursion, we visited Pizzeria Luigi – their new location on El Cajon Blvd.

HH and I got an assortment of slices to take with us to the San Diego Harbor. We enjoyed our Mona Lisa (pep, saus, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions and black olives), The Capone (pep, saus, meatball), Margherita (tomatoes, garlic, no tomato sauce) and traditional pepperoni. They were all delicious, and we had a few folks stop and ask where the pizza was from.

Next dining stop, our picks for vacation (or otherwise) in San Diego – stay tuned…