Reservations at the Bevi Bistro

A visit to Gilroy for the annual Garlic Festival has also turned into a reservation at the Bevi Bistro, and this year was no exception.

I got my “Any Bozo Can Cook” cookbook signed by Chef Don (his white sauce is in the book.)

Then it was time for dinner, Garlic Gal’s fabulous wonton-skin lasagna. This special lasagna has been a family favorite at the Bistro for 20+ years, and it was so delicious I had seconds! The lasagna was served with a delicious eggplant dish.

The dinner was finished off with a flourless chocolate cake; of course I had seconds of that!

One can always tell how good a meal was by how much is leftover – not much on this visit.

Garlic Gal said she would share the recipe, when I get it I’ll pass it along, a new twist on a traditional favorite definitely worth a try!

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