There have been some griddle issues at the Diner lately.

We have been using the griddle that HH had for a long time and the non-stickness pretty much was no more.

We started with a cast iron griddle that needed to be seasoned, and somehow that didn’t go so well. Plus it just wasn’t big enough, we couldn’t lay a piece of bacon across width-wise let alone that it didn’t quite cover two burners. So much for the fantastic bargain on-line.

Next we did research, hit the stores to see the griddles in person and find one that we liked. There are all kinds of griddles out there – big ones, small ones, thin ones, cheap ones, expensive ones, handled ones and the list goes on…

We settled on this one.

It is nice and big and wide like HH wanted; it has great handles, a trough to catch grease like I wanted. And it was a great price (on sale) like we both wanted.

The first thing we cooked, pancakes. Look how perfectly golden they are! We haven’t seen pancakes that beautiful at the Diner in quite a while. The pancakes are delicious. Now to find a cupboard that will hold this fantastic new piece of equipment.

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