Diner Drivin - Part 9

HH and I made our second stop on our San Diego vacation to Blue Water Seafood (right next door to El Indio, who knew!) This was another stop on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives in our hometown that we wanted to try.

We arrived just before 11:30 AM with a line, but definitely at the right time! HH got a Hawaiian Tuna sandwich and I got tacos – shrimp and Ahi. We sat out on the enclosed patio, waited a little for our lunch but there was a sign that warned us that this was no fast food joint. Blue Water Seafood is all about fresh food, and very delicious at that!

The hunk of Ahi that was in my fish taco was unbelievable; I would have been very satisfied with just this one taco. But moving on to the shrimp taco was amazing too!

We really enjoyed our visit to this very established place with a definite following right in our own backyard. Yummy.

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