Diner Drivin - Part 8

HH and I are vacationing in San Diego! What a great place to visit, and we rarely do – in our hometown.

The first stop for culinary deliciousness – Hob Nob Hill. Guy Fieri covered this San Diego institution on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, but I remember it as the “ladies luncheon” place Nana used to visit with her lady friends. I think I visited it on perhaps one occasion, much to my chagrin. Why would a teenager want to visit this place that her grandmother and her friends visited after church or before a bridge tournament?!

Anyway, I thought I would give it a try. Hob Nob Hill definitely looked like I expected on the outside – a institution in uptown San Diego. On the inside, it had all the features of the ‘70’s I thought it should – wallpaper, chandeliers, heavily upholstered chairs and booths, a small counter, stainless over the kitchen and waitresses in matching “waitress” uniforms of the time with hose and tennis shoes. What surprised me was that all these expected features were fresh and updated, in a sense. The place felt very established, yet fresh and clean.

HH and I found what we wanted although I am not sure the selections were from the longtime, traditional menu from Hob Nob Hill. We picked Machaca and Huevos Rancheros – not a big surprise for us. We both enjoyed our breakfast, but it wasn’t the very best we have had although certainly acceptable. Next time perhaps I should try Eggs Benedict, that sounds much more Hob Nob Hill-like!

The wait staff was very friendly and accommodating, and I loved this sign I spotted on our way out.

Hob Nob Hill, a fresh trip down memory lane.

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