Breakfast of Champions - At the Garlic Festival

One of the biggest challenges at the Gilroy Garlic Festival is getting a good breakfast. When you are on-site at 5 AM, with donuts and coffee arriving by 5:30 AM, you indulge a bit but by 10 AM it’s time for something more substantial.

I solved this challenge a few years ago, although I don’t always get the opportunity to have my “breakfast of champions.” This year it worked out. All it takes is a friend at Sauce City, which would be Dave, and grabbing the plain cake donut from the box of three dozen when the delivery arrives.

This year Dave brought me a plain cake donut with granulated sugar as a back-up, just in case. So after enjoying the fresh red sauce with my plain donut, there was still some sauce left so I decided to go ahead and try the plain cake with granulated sugar. Oh my gosh! A new and more delicious discovery than before!

The little sprinkle of sugar made all the difference and I have a new breakfast of champions to look forward to for next year!

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