Deep Fried Kool-Aid

Deep Fried Kool-Aid was the most popular new item at Chicken Charlie’s at this year’s San Diego County Fair. Charlie sold over 100,000 orders! This new item was not lost on me; of course I had to try them! I did decide to share an order, not indulge completely on my own.

The first bite of the Kool-Aid was a bit surprising; there was Kool-Aid powder sprinkled over the top! Boy, was that a shock! Assuming you are not five years old, when was the last time you tasted Kool-Aid powder? I just remember it being more enjoyable when I was five.

Once the powdered Kool-Aid dissolved on my tongue I was able to taste the Kool-Aid treats. Not bad. Sweet, tender dough. Although one was enough for me.

And how does Charlie do it? He mixes the Kool-Aid with water that gets added to the batter so the Kool-Aid treats take on the flavor and subtle color of cherry Kool-Aid!


  1. Darn! I was hoping to surprise you with Kool-Aid Balls at the Bevi Bistro this year. Back to the drawing board...

  2. Sorry about that! Next year I will try to refrain from Chicken Charlie's treats and wait until I visit the Bistro!