National Mint Julep Day

I’m not sure I’ve actually ever had a Mint Julep, maybe today is the day! It just seems I should be sitting along the rail at the Kentucky Derby in order to have one. Or sitting on a Southern porch in the middle of summer, although when I’m in the South it’s in the fall and its Margarita Friday at SS’s.

Maybe we need to add a tradition this year.


National Blueberry Cheesecake Day

This rarely actually happens at the Diner. My taste buds would love it every day, my waistline would not.


National Brown Bag It Day

Brown Baggin’-It, the best way to finish off the leftovers from the night before (HH does this a lot.) Although we don’t seem to literally Brown Bag-It any more, it’s more canvas-reusable bag-it at the Diner.

Anyway you Bag-It, enjoy!


National Quiche Lorraine Day

Mmmm…Flaky crust, fresh eggs, bacon, Swiss cheese, delicious. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, perfect anytime.


National Devil's Food Cake Day

Enjoy a delicious slice of Devil’s Food Cake today. HH would love a piece! He likes it with vanilla frosting, though.


National Days

In order to have something to talk about in the next two months when life is exceptionally busy and the Diner is woefully lacking in cooking (smoothies, Costco pizza and tuna sandwiches are just not worth writing about!), I’m going to focus on National Days. What does that mean? Well, tomorrow is National Chocolate Chip Day (as in cookies, I’m sure.)

Get ready for highlighting food that we love, here at Holly’s Diner, recognized on a national level. Let’s kick it off with May 14, National Buttermilk Biscuit Day. Anyone have one to share?