First of all, I apologize for being woefully sparse in Diner postings. Things are just, well, busy lately. Wonderful new recipes and experimental dishes just don’t seem to be the norm lately. But with a new guest to the Diner last week, LL, something had to change. In honor of LL’s first visit to the Diner, a special cake was in order. It had to be something new and (hopefully) delicious, yet serve the taste buds of the Diner’s most loyal and famous guest – HH. So I tried something new, a French Vanilla Chocolate Crème Brule Cake with Vanilla frosting. Sounds yummy and quite extravagant! Here’s how it really went down: I opened the cupboard; there was a box of French Vanilla cake mix and some vanilla frosting. Hmm, not very exotic and certainly not HH’s favorite – chocolate. Oh! Here on another shelf was a mix for Chocolate Crème Brule! Perfect! I combined the two, guessed on the wet ingredients (I know you are not supposed to do that with baking, but that’s how it went.) Mix the box of cake mix, add the crème Brule mix, add four eggs (one more than the cake mix called for), add ½ cup heavy cream (the crème Brule called for one cup but I didn’t have it), add ½ cup whole milk, add some canola oil – I just kind-of eyeballed a 1/3 cup. Baked at 350º, for a little longer than the cake mix called for (just past “jiggly”) and…French Vanilla Chocolate Crème Brule Cake with Vanilla frosting! Both HH and LL thought it was great! Success in a box, with wingin’ it baking. Who knew!


  1. The cake was DELICIOUS!
    Thank you for the warm hospitality at the Diner. Hope to stop by again soon!

  2. Very nice cake idea, I think I should make us some cake for Monday, thanks.