Chocolate Cake

There have been no fresh baked goods at the Diner since Christmas! And with all the fresh baked goods during Christmas, the Diner was starting to have withdrawals.

So I told HH I was going to make flourless chocolate cake and red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. What HH heard was “chocolate cake with frosting.”

As HH tended to the outside of the Diner, I spent the afternoon baking. At one point HH realized that it was a cake and cupcakes. HH now appreciates red velvet cupcakes because he has realized they have cocoa in them so they are chocolate-ly, not just red.

Anyway, the cake and cupcakes were cooling; HH walked by and looked a little perplexed but didn’t say anything. Then I made the cream cheese frosting for the cupcakes, frosted them and started the quality control part of the day – taste testing.

HH walked by again and noticed a slice had been cut from the chocolate cake and that it was very flat. He said, “Just one chocolate cake?” I told him yes, that’s how a flourless chocolate cake is made. He said it was flat, I said, yes, that’s what a flourless chocolate cake looks like. He said, “When are you going to frost it?” I said I’m not, it doesn’t get frosting. He looked at the chocolate cake in front of him that didn’t match his expectations and said, “Bad Chocolate Cake! No flour, no frosting, you must have been really bad!” I laughed so hard I cried.

Next thing I knew he was scraping some of the frosting off the cupcakes and trying to frost at least half the chocolate cake. Then he cut a piece, sat down to enjoy and…not so much.

Flourless Chocolate Cake will not be on HH’s wish list for baking any time soon.


  1. Well, you can send the cake our way ANY time! I mean would you put frosting on fudge????

    And thats a rhetorical question, HH!

  2. Frosting on fudge, what a concept, I think the diner should try it!