So a few days before Valentine’s Day, HH and I were out shopping and “plops” goes a new crock pot in my cart! Just like that! HH says, “Happy Valentine’s Day. I probably shouldn’t be giving you an appliance, but…” Whoo Hoo! A new crock pot!

After the split pea soup incident – and tamale pie before that, and pot roast before that – I had commented that perhaps the problem was the appliance and not the cook. HH remembered that, knew that I like to master things and decided to help me to be successful with a crock pot for Valentine’s.

Pot Roast had to be the first attempt with the new appliance. As HH said, “if you can’t master the crock pot, perhaps you shouldn’t have a Diner.” Wow.

So after prepping all the root veggies the night before – a large yellow onion, three carrots and an assortment of potatoes – it was time. The roast was browned, covered with a coating of flour, sea salt and fresh ground pepper then placed in the crock pot. This was immediately followed by carrots and half the onions, then potatoes and the rest of the onions. Because of the timing of the day, I put it on high for an hour and asked HH to turn it down to low before he headed out for golf – and I headed out the door.

When I arrived back at the Diner just before dinner time, the Diner smelled fabulous! Now, pot roast dinner is not one of my favorite meals, I’m in it for the beef stroganoff the next night! I approached the crock pot and refrained from taking the lid off to see how it was going, didn’t want to mess things up.

It was finally dinner time at the Diner; HH was still out with the Boys, so service started without him. I gently, tentatively sunk the kitchen spoon into the roast and just like magic the roast fell apart! Just like it is supposed to!

It was not the cook! It was the appliance! I couldn’t wait for HH to arrive. And when he did, he could smell it, said, “Well?” I told him he had to serve himself and see. The first thing he did was sink his fork into a potato and he immediately knew things were different. Next came a fork into the meat and he was visibly salivating, he’s a meat and potatoes kind-of guy.

He said, “Honey, is it okay that I gave you a crock pot for Valentine’s?” Of course it was. I love to get new kitchen things; this matched the Good Oven and came with a dipping sauce warmer (Ooooh!); I like to cook and my payoff is positive feedback at the Diner. That’s what I got for Valentine’s, what could be better!

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