Super Bowl Feeding

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and that means food, football and, if we are not careful, a stomach ache – not necessarily in that order. Since the Chargers are not playing, well, we’re rooting for whoever makes it a good game. Oh, and the commercials, of course.

Well, the menu is not that of a normal Diner day, although within the realm of the annual Super bowl menu. What does that mean? Here’s the line-up:

Ruffled potato chips
Fritos (traditional)
Fritos (Scoops)
Pita chips
Wheat Thins
Cheez Its
Gold Fish crackers
Kettle Chips (onion flavored)
Sour cream (for dipping)
Bean Dip
Hummus with sundried tomato (don’t know if this will get consumed, though)
Chicken Wings
Tempura Shrimp
Pizza with pepperoni
Flourless Chocolate Cake
Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
Diet Coke with lime
Diet Pepsi
Sweet Tea
Strawberry Lemonade

The only “from scratch” items this year are the cake and the cupcake. Normally I fix something on the stove top all day for the big day. But this year HH had other wishes for the menu and there haven’t been any baked goods since Christmas, so baking was the focus.

On a normal day at the Diner, this menu would not fly – where are the vegetables? Anyway, it was all about the man-food, the man-game and (honestly) the stomach ache before the game even starts. Perhaps I’ll catch my second wind by half time.

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