American Cooking vs. American Cookery

Note: This is the 100th entry that references HH, my Handsome Husband. With that in mind, this is the perfect story to give you a better picture of HH.
In December, HH and I visited Christmas in the Village - couple of wonderful community evenings in our downtown where all the fun shops and restaurants are. There are some great antique shops that have some great kitchen stuff – there are a number of things they have that exist at the Diner, too.

Anyway, on the night we were visiting the Village, we cruised through one shop. HH finished before I did and went outside to watch the parade go by, while I stayed behind and admired the cutest little apron and a few of their seasoned cookbooks – go figure.

At Christmas, I opened a package with that apron I had liked so much but didn’t need. Then another with two cookbooks – one a “cooky” cookbook that HH learned was collectable, and the American Cooking cookbook which HH thought I had spent quite a bit of time looking at.

He said when he left the shop that night, he didn’t watch the parade go by, he watched me and what I was looking at, what I was interested in. He knew the apron was a must, and then tried to figure out which cookbook I had been looking at for so long simply based on the size, shelf placement and partial title of the cookbook. Then the shop owner told him about the uniqueness and collectability of the Cooky Cookbook and was sold.

When I opened the presents at Christmas, I remembered the apron, but not the cookbooks. He told me the story, and about the Cooky cookbook, and that he had gone back the next day while I was working to collect the treasures for Christmas.

Wow. I do love HH.

Anyway, as I looked at the American Cooking cookbook I just could not remember anything special or unique or intriguing that would have caught my attention for so long that evening. Then the January 2011 issue of Saveur magazine arrived, and I realized what I had been looking at that night in the Village. American Cookery by James Beard.

I went back to the little shop last week, took all my treasures from the shop, FOUND the American Cookery cookbook, told my story and the shop keeper let me exchange one cookbook for another – at no additional cost.

I did tell HH that night, I felt I needed to. He was still happy that I was happy, and I was thrilled to have American Cookery by James Beard.


  1. That Betty Crocker cookie book is in my collection too! Oh, that HH...what a guy! Happy Valentine's Day to you-all. XOXO

  2. To you too! Stay tuned for the V-day story...