Ice Cream

What’s your favorite? Perhaps something tried and true like vanilla (or vanilla bean or French vanilla?) Or maybe something a bit more original like Phish Food or my new favorite Ben & Jerry’s – Crème Brule? What about something icy and cool, but not so creamy like a raspberry sorbet (not to be confused with Raspberry Beret)?

My favorite is only available a certain time of year.

I first discovered my favorite at Baskin-Robbins 31 Flavors a number of years ago, right around my birthday. At one time I was led to believe by my then-local store that it was available beginning November 15, each store got a pre-set amount and when it was gone, it was gone. The quantity misconception was cleared up this year. HH and I found out it is available through the end of the year, with supply re-enforcements arriving weekly.

What is the mystery flavor? The official ice cream flavor of Holly’s Diner? Drum roll please…………

Egg Nog!
(Belated) Happy Birthday to me!

Delicious and creaming. Sweet, delightful and dreamy. That is Egg Nog ice cream.

Set your calendar, watch for it next holiday season. If you like egg nog, the beverage, just wait until you get a spoonful of this sinfully sensational holiday treat!

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