Diner Drivin' - Part 7

To and from Vegas in the past few years, HH and I have noticed Peggy Sue’s in Yermo, CA. There are signs leading up to it, it is on the side of the road and looks like fun, but our timing for a meal is never quite right. So, last month when we drove through Yermo, we timed it to Vegas to we could partake in Peggy Sue’s on the way home.


“Flip Flop Boy” (aka HH) posed out front so you might know you are at the right place if you ever decide to stop.

Peggy Sue’s is very deceiving from the outside, it goes on and on and on - on the inside;

it is a feast for the eyes, almost too much to take in on one visit! With a pizza parlor, soda fountain, ice cream counter, dance floor and more.

Our table was adorned with this tricky display.

HH decided he needed his own menu picture.

And here is my lunch –

the Buddy Holly Bacon Cheeseburger with Hickory smoked bacon and American Cheese with a side of curly fries and salad or cole slaw (I didn’t even remember which healthy choice I made, at this point), better known as “a heart attack waiting to happen.” It was delicious, and it was still within “my birthday 30-days,” can’t call it “my birthday month” since it really wasn’t!

Anyway, it was fun, good diner food and fueled us for the rest of the trip back to Holly’s Diner.

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